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The International Society of Rock Mechanics is the  official international society for rock engineers. It contains useful information about the society, conferences, commissions, etc. It also has links to all the National Groups and selected suppliers, consultants, etc.


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The South African National Institute of Rock Engineering is the official organization representing rock engineers in South Africa.


The South African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy is accredited with ECSA as a voluntary organization and its journal is the preferred ISI journal for the South African mining industry.


The Safety in Mines Research Advisory Committee is a statutory body regulating the funds allocated to mine safety research in South Africa. Research reports can be downloaded from this site.


The Engineering Council of South Africa is the home of professionals in the South African engineering profession. The website has all the necessary information about registration, continuing professional development, etc.


The South African Academy of Engineering is a select society with the aim of promoting the engineering profession in South Africa and assisting government and other policy makers on policy matters.

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The Department of Mineral and Energy’s website has useful information about mining and energy policy in South Africa and is a useful source of related statistics.

Chamber of Mines

The Chamber of Mines of South Africa is the home of the South African mining industry. The site has useful statistical information about the industry.

NIOSH Mining

NIOSH has good information about health and safety issues about mining in the USA, including free downloads of software.

University of Pretoria

Home site of the University of Pretoria, with all the information about courses, admission requirements, news, etc. It is South Africa’s largest residential university.

Rugby 365

For lovers of rugby.

Blue Bulls

For connoisseurs of rugby —the supporters site.


For lovers of fine dining and wining…...


Essential site for the frequent traveller

Other sites of interest

Professional sites


The official website of the South African Colliery Managers Association has great information and statistics about coal mining in South Africa.


For lovers of good whiskey…...


Another essential site for the frequent traveller

Italian Opera

For lovers of good music.

Blue Bulls

For connoisseurs of rugby — the official site.

Coaltech 2020

Official website of the Coaltech 2020 research initiative

Unit Conversions

Convert anything from anything to anything else…..